Museums Victoria
/ Interactive Immersive Experience
Three people stand in a long immersive projection space with curved walls. the imagery on the walls depicts an underwater scene featuring several large icebergs. A silhouetted person in an immersive projection space of hanging leaves in a foggy blue void. Text on the walls read 'Guide your moth to scents in the sky country'.Two silhouetted women stand in front of a large projected image of colourful paint-like streaks. A child runs through an immersive project space depicting a blue underwater world of fish. A person stands in front of a painterly-looking image of 4 whales in a blue void of light. A silhouetted person stands in front of a painterly-looking projected image of a whale launching out of the ocean at sunset. Three people stand in immersive projection room, depicting three growing moths in a night scene of trees, sky and fog. Three people stand looking up at an immersive projection of thousands of bioluminescent insects at night.
Creative Direction: Mike Daly & Christopher Panzetta
Developed in collaboration with Keerray Woorroong knowledge holders Yoolongteeyt Dr Vicki Couzens and Yaraan Bundle

Exhibitors: Museums Victoria
Experience Designers: S1T2
Sound Design & Music Composition: Klang
Interaction Programming: AX Interactive
Projections & Mapping: Light Engine
Whale Story Animation House: Dirty Puppet

Skeletal Rigging: Robbie Reid
Animation: Craig Baxter
Lighting Design: Niklas Pajanti
Cinematography: Josh Flavell
Light Design & Programming: Richard Gorr
QA & Testing: Daniel Bain, Oscar Shuter & Tristan Reed