The Friends of Myall Creek
/ Documentary Film
Blades of grass in front of an evening sky. Branches and leaves in the late afternoon sun. An elderly man stands outside during the day. In the backgreound is an out of focus horizon and some trees. Aerial view of a creek surrounded of trees in the late afternoon. Ten birds soar through an early evening sky. A woman stands in front of a memorial stone, surrounded by trees and grassland. Hand-made, painted wooden crosses sit at the base of a large rock, surrounded by smaller rocks. Close-up of a woman. An aerial view looking directly down on trees, grass and a wide dirt path in the late afternoon.
Director: Mike Daly
Writers: Mike Daly & Linden Wilkinson
Producer: Melissa Weinman
Cinematographer: Sam Chiplin
Camera Assistant: Brendan Blacklock
Aerial Cinematographer: Alex Ryan
Editor: Ryan Boucher
Colourist: Matt Fezz
Music: Rumble Studios
Funded through a NSW Heritage Grant