The Tudors

/ TV Series Promo
The back of a queen standing in her opening chess position. The two rows of the other side can eb seen in the background.A life-sized chess board in a void with human chess pieces standing in their opening positions.   A queen whispers into the ear of a bishop. A man dressed as a king is surrounded by about six men fighting and wrestling.  Aerial view looking straight down on about 20 people fighting in hand to hand combat. Close-up of a large man wearing fur screaming with spit flying out of his mouth. A falling thurible hitting the ground. A king stands in a black void.
Director: Mike Daly
Producer: Bridie Harrison
Cinematographer: Benjamin Todd
Art Director: Daniel Maclagan
Costume Designer: Leonie Hartard
Editor: Ryan Boucher
Colorist: Paul Harrison
Compositing: Jason Watts
Agency: Karmarama