Awakening Shadow

Sydney Chamber Opera
/ Media Scenography
A tall narrow fire in a black void. A silhouetted woman wearing a black veil stands in front of a projected image of fire. A panel of 5 vertical 3D renderings of two nude bodies floating in space like statues. The two bodies are the same man. A person wearing a gold mask and a black veil stands with her hands raised in front of a large image of two male bodies floating in space.  A nude man floats in a black void. His body is breaking up into shards, revealing that he is only a shell. Dozens of 3D-rendered bodies float in space. Each body is the same man. The bodies are contorted and intersect each other. Colourful 3D rendered orchids float though the air, filliing the entire view.
Canticles I - V by Benjamin Britten
Awakening Shadow by Luke Styles (Australian premiere)

Music Director / Piano: Jack Symonds
Director: Imara Savage
Video Artist: Mike Daly
Set & Costume Design: Elizabeth Gadsby
Lighting Design: Alexander Berlage
Principal Artistic Associate: Dr Huw Belling

Photogrammetry Model: Luca Armstrong
Movement Consultant: Lucas Jervies
Post-Production Studio: Electric Lens Co.
Technical Director: Matthew Hermans
3D Model Clean-up: Chris Harris
Photogrammetry Studio: Splice Boys
Photogrammetry Technicians: Tom Brandon & Richard Kendall
Hair & Makeup: Olivia Still
Special thanks to The Australian Ballet School

Tenor: Brenton Spiteri
Mezzo Soprano: Emily Edmonds
Soprano: Jane Sheldon
Baritone: Simon Lobelson
Harp: Rowan Phemister
Horn: Carla Blackwood
Violin: Emma Jardine and James Wannan

Performance photography: Zan Wimberley