River Connections

Museums Victoria
/ Immersive Film Installation
Flowing 3D rendered green and yellow lines in a blue void that looks like being underwater. Growing lines that look like veins or the path of rivers as seen from above. They are in warm hues and set against black. Warped wireframe lines make out the form of a semitrailer truck, with other abstract lines flying around it. A graphic 3D rendering of embers flying through the air, creating the form of oil drills and telegraph poles. A graphic looking fish made of lines leaves a trail of points in its wake.
Photographer: Rodney Start
15 people seated in an immersive projection environment watching imagery of white flowing lines and points on a blue background.
Photographer: Rodney Start
Two children sit in an immersive projection room surrounded by a graphic projectios of growing lines that look like veins or the path of rivers as seen from above.
Director: Mike Daly
3D Animator: Matt Tillman
Sound Designer & Music Composer: Brendan Woithe - Klang
First Peoples Group: Aunty Esther Kirby, Uncle Brendan Kennedy, Uncle Larry Walsh and Genevieve Grieves
Producer: Matt Roberts

Technical Director: Tom Siddall
Executive Producer: Mark Shunji Davies
Digital Design Studio: Grumpy Sailor
Studio Principals: James Boyce, Claire Evans

Vocalists: Jess Hitchcock and Sarah Belkner
Spoken Voice: Aunty Esther Kirby
Music Recordings at Klang (Sydney) and Electric Dreams (Melbourne)
Storyboard Artist: Xavier Irvine

Digital Education Experiences, Museums Victoria: Bridget Hanna
Senior Curator, Science Exhibitions, Museums Victoria: Kate Phillips
Technical Manager, Museums Victoria: Tom Kojrowicz
Program Coordinator, Life Sciences, Museums Victoria: Rebecca Bates
Project Manager, Museums Victoria: Luke Flanagan