Asko|Schönberg & Sydney Chamber Opera
/ Media Scenography
Five opera singers in a glass enclosure filled with light fog and surrounded by a large LED screen displaying coordinates and the names of locations. The time and date "09:00 20/01/1822" is displayed in large text on an LED screen that is surrounding a glass encloure. The enclosure is filled with fog and contains three opera performers singing in period costume. Jack Simmons conducting orchestraMan singing in a glass enclosure filled with fog and surrounded by a large LED screen displaying white text on black that resembles a map of continents. Woman playing double bass in front of large LED screen. A young girl in a white dress holds her hand to the glass of an enclosure, which is set within a large LED screen displaying jumbled and overlapping poetic texts. Pixelated white text on black that is displayed on an LED screen. The words are jumbled and mixed up.  Singer floating mid-air in a glass case surruonded by text on a surrounding LED screen.A large LED screen on a stage behind an orchestra displaying geometric lines and points. In a cut-out of the screen, a young girl wearing white is visible in top-left.
Production: Asko|Schönberg and Sydney Chamber Opera
Composer: Mary Finsterer
Librettist: Tom Wright
Conductor: Jack Symonds
Principal Artistic Associate: Dr Huw Belling

Stage Director: Imara Savage
Video Artist: Mike Daly
Set & Costume Designer: Elizabeth Gadsby
Lighting Designer: Alexander Berlage
Sound Engineer: Bob Scott

Singers: Jane Sheldon, Jessica O’Donoghue, Anna Fraser, Michael Petruccelli and Simon Lobelson
with Asko|Schönberg Ensemble

A co-production of Sydney Chamber Opera, Asko|Schönberg and Sydney Festival supported by Carriageworks and the NSW Government through Create NSW.

Photo documentation: Wendell Levi Teodoro
Video documentation (Sydney): Hospital Hill
Video documentation (Amsterdam): Saskia Habermann, Rafael Gridelli and Zoë Jungmann