The University of Melbourne
/ Brand Film
A group of people walking outside at night. A girl reads a book while seated on a bench. A close-up of bodies on top of one another. Dozens of bodies are bunched togteher, forming the shape of a skull. Approximately two dozen bodies hunched close together between sandstone arches. A group of people climbing on top of one another in front of old sandstone architecture at night. Dozens of people standing on top of one another, forming the shape of a tree. Dozens of people standing on top of one another, supporting each other with their hands raised. Together they form a wide trunk-like structure. A girl climbs a trunk-like structure of bodies. She is looking up above past the camera.
Director: Mike Daly
DOP: Geoffrey Simpson
Editor: Ryan Boucher
Visual Effects: Fin Design
Sound Designer: Brendan Woithe
Choreographer: Adam Wheeler
Producer: Martin Box
Executive Producer: Kim Wildenburg
Production Company: Exit Films
Agency: McCann