Through the Dark

/ Interactive Film
A graphic 3D rendered image of a man and boy walking in the snow, leaving footprints behind them. A graphic-looking black & white 3D renderered image of a boy swimming underwater.Black & white 3D rendered image of a boy and man in a row boat on the water with icebergs in the background. Graphic-looking black jagged trees in a white misty void. A black & white 3D rendered image of a boy and man in a hostpiral room.
Director & Writer: Mike Daly
Creative Director: Michael Armstrong
Associate Technology Director: Blake Kus
Executive Producer: Kim Wildenburg
Production Company: Exit Films
Animation Studio: XYZ Studios
Design: Eran Hilleli
Storyboard Artist: Xavier Irvine
Lead Animator: Marco Palmieri
CG Lead: Stevie Watkins
Senior TD: Richard Osellame
Animation Producer: Garett Mayow
Music: Hilltop Hoods
Agency: R/GA Sydney