The Australian Open


3D Data Visualisation

Forces at Play is a data visualisation of the greatest rallies from the last three years of the Australian Open. Presented on an 11 meter by 5 meter LED wall, the work served as the front facade to one of the VIP suites at the Australian Open.

The visualisation is driven by Hawk-Eye data, which tracks the trajectory of the ball and players during each tennis match. These coordinates are used to retell experiences of tennis as kinetic architectural forms.

Forces at Play - a visualisation of tennis data

These are the six rallies visualised in the work:

Rally 1
2017 Men's Final
R.Federer vs. R.Nadal

Rally 2
2017 Women's Final
S.Halep vs. C.Wozniacki

Rally 3
2018 Men's Final
R.Federer vs. M.Čilić

Rally 4
2018 Women's 3rd Round
M.Osaka vs. A.Barty

Rally 5
2016 Men's Final
N.Djokovic vs. A.Murray

Rally 6
2016 Women's Final
S.Williams vs. A.Kerber

The work was designed and coded in TouchDesigner, a node and Python-based programming environment. The purpose-built real-time system allows the data to drives every aspect of the design, including the form, motion and colour.

Creative Director, Designer and Programmer: Mike Daly
Producer: Lucas Jenner
Production Company: Rabbit Content
Agency: Octagon
Architects: ACME
Screens: Mediatec and Screencom